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Future Events

This website focuses on the following wars

  • World War 1
  • World War 2
  • Desert Storm
  • Korean War
  • Vietnam
  • Iraqi Freedom
  • Enduring Freedom

Other wars will be treated similarly by this website in the future.


This website is designed to honor the soldiers and nurses of major wars and to bring special attention to the last remaining veterans. Anytime people leave their normal lives and families to be involved in a war, they are heroes. war heroesEspecially, if they are in a situation where they may sacrifice their own young lives so that others - usually people they will never meet - may live happily into their older years.

We pass these living heroes on our streets everyday without ever realizing who they are or what they did for us. Heroes are not people who enjoyed fighting in wars, they are people who would have rather stayed home with their spouses and newborn babies or in college, because they were about to graduate, but they gave up everything in their lives to fight for their country.

Most of these wars are over and it is time to learn, from each of them, to prevent future wars. We have to realize that it is within our power to do this.

This website will record the remaining men and women soldiers and nurses from the countries listed on this website until there is only one person left from each war...

* A year after "Our Last Heroes" was started, my wife's son - Collin Bowen - was killed in Afghanistan during the war. My father and his five brothers all served in WW2. To see their pictures, please click here.

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